Content matter:

-pickled pearl onions, preserved golden oyster (mushroom), fermented garlic, smoked celery salt, jalapeño oil

-2 cards by Anne Bengard

-voucher of € 25,--

Altogether in a personally-crafted wooden gift box

Price per box: € 99



Art Box White Edition

Art Box

In this box - already including a voucher of € 25,--, we combine products from our kitchen with the art and street art from our restaurant. The box is a personal designed unicum by Sarah Buchbinder. 

Anne Bengard is a specialist in contemporary and figurative realism. She wants to question social norms and stereotypes. By touching on controversial and compelling subject matters, she strives to create an unsettling experience for the viewer. Critical reflection, exploration and raising attention to personal prejudices  and discrimination is part of her work. Anne Bengard is the artist of the Mural artwork of Fräulein Fuchs in our restaurant.

For self pick up!